November 20, 2005

Politics: Future Intense

The Tao that can be named is not the real Tao. The real name of the Tao is Taostein, but nobody talks about it.

-Zen Judaism

Ever wonder who might be the first Jewish President of the United States? Given the sheer number of Tin Hatters who are ready to blame the Jews for everything from Personally Killing Jesus to 9/11, it's going to be a while. And please don't think Lieberman is the only Democratic Jew going.

Now, I've always been of the opinion that the first minority to reach power in any Democracy is invariably right-wing, politically speaking, because that will fool enough of said minority into believing they will be striking a blow for freedom and equality and all that. Since the left usually has the minority vote, a minoity opponent usually has to be opposed by another minority to get some of those votes back. The right can only use this tactic every few elections before the lefty minority clues in, but they can score political points for years to follow, even if they get hammered in the following election.

That being said, I wouldn't bet against this fellow: Jake Zimmerman. He's a startlingly intelligent man that I know from the Heinous BBS (that's a Bulliten Board System for the young pups).

Just so when he runs in 20 years (or so) I can brag that I knew him way back when.


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