October 26, 2005

Other: In Absentia

Hokay, busy week and fritzing computer makes for not much in the way of posting, so I'm cheating: what follows are the most popular posts here. It's as good a way to consider a "best of" format as any other, it's inherently lazy and at the same time completely self-aggrandizing.


Some time after Hallowe'en I'll post about seeing Tom Wilson on his latest tour, a review of the movie DOOM (when's the musical coming out?), going to my first S&M play party (not as interesting as it sounds), and probably on Hallowe'en itself, in addition to whatever gets itself lodged in my head over the next week. Oh, and comparative theology with vegetable soup. Hi ho.

God loves us enough to kill 160, 000 of us
Getting "Civilly Unionized"
In bed with the Elephant
Marriage is bad for some...
When vigilatnes and politics collide
Political Who's Who of Down There
Science, rationality and bananas
Why God's a prick
Little guys done good
PMS, the good kind
Recognising bullshit when you're not in a field
The evils of socialism
"Friends" of the US military
Taking pride
Pastafarians at large
I hate Trudeau
Faith in numbers
And God kills a few more...
...With John's help.

That's twenty, enough to not be too bored. Unless you've already read them, in which case, um... I dunno, learn how to juggle or something.


posted by Thursday at 12:31 am


Blogger Declan said...

But I've read those posts AND I already now how to juggle (3, anyway). I'm booooored!

11:32 am  
Blogger Thursday said...

Feh! You don't fool me Declan: you're probably one of those poseurs who think Cascading is the same as true Juggling!

Bother me not with your petty demands until you have proof otherwise!

(Sorry about the long delay: motherboards are challenging for the technologically declined.)

12:49 am  

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