October 08, 2005

Politics: No Child Left Alive

Here's a funny little feature that's part of the White House's "No Child Left Behind" that I missed when it came out:

"...a provision of the No Child Left Behind Act that requires public high schools to hand over the student names, addresses and telephone listings to military recruiters who want the information. School districts that fail to do so risk losing federal education dollars.

U.S. Sen. David Vitter, R-La., inserted the provision into the No Child act..."

It is, of course, all about the children and their educational standards, right? Right? I mean, it's not like the military is resorting to desperate measures to try meeting its quota or anything...

Man, between this and the congress trying to stop torture, it's almost like people might realise Bush doesn't really give a rat's ass what people think. But that can't be right, not in America anyways. Of course, we are pretty sure he's given up on the rest of the world, but hey, they can't elect him or Jeb, so they can go hang.

As long as he keeps killing and capturing "Perpetual Second in Command"s of Al-Qaida, everything will be fine.


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