September 24, 2005

Science: Mandatory Viewing

One of the great broadcasts in the world of science is returning to television, updated, remastered and looking good!

Cosmos, by Carl Sagan, is showing Tuesday, September 27th at 9PM. It is a series that is 25 years old, so science has advanced beyond this show, but it is still well worth watching. (If you want an excellent contemporary work on astronomy, I suggest John Gribbin's "The Birth of Time".)

Ever wonder how stars form? What a pulsar is? What life on other worlds might be like? What fills the universe?

One of my favorite aspects of Sagan is his clear sense of wonder, and his eagerness to share that with everyone he spoke to. He was a very gentle man to those he disagreed with, and even the most deluded of cranks could get a fair hearing from him. His "Dragon in the Garage" arguement from Demon Haunted World is one of the defining standards of rationality.

Find the show on your local stations, record it if you can, and enjoy.


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