September 01, 2005

Other: Quick Conversion

New addition: From Fox News, of all things. Need a sense of the desperation here? Hannity and Colmes, with Riveara and Smith reporting (be patient - it's going to take a while to load). Hannitys best effort at positive spin doesn't impress, well, anyone.

Okay, I can't sleep so I'll say one thing about some of the looting in N.O. and those other regions worst hit by the storm: I'm actually okay with the looting of grocery stores in energenct conditions. Some of these people aren't going to be reached for days, and there is no clean water coming out of taps right now, nor has there been for four days now. Food and drink are needed NOW, not "when the bank machine comes back online". Likewise basic survival stuff like bleach and medical supplies.

Depending on where you live, guns and ammunition may be just as needed.


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