August 01, 2005

Politics: Pride

When does pride become foolishness?

It could be when plans you have made fail, but you call it a success. Or when someone you've married beats you regularly, but you know they are just having a bad time and stay with them "for the kids". How about thinking you're a better carpenter than most, so you must be a better electrician, too.

There's a theme here - the inability to recognise flaws, in yourself or in others. A very human trait, and very understandable. So what's a governments excuse?

As you may have heard, the self-proclaimed "Prince of Pot" was arrested on Halifax last week. He's been selling viable marijuana seeds over the internet and from his store for the past 10 years, to the tune of $3 million annually. There are several other sellers based in British Columbia; the best count I've seen says 35 or so - the number fluctuates, as you could imagine. Most of these are sold to customers in the United States.

Apparently, the DEA only noticed last year, when the investigation was launched. It took these folks 18 months and around 40 agents (their admission) to find out what he was selling and how he was selling it, which amuses me no end as, judging by this rather bumbling announcement, they apparently got most of their information from his website. (It looks a little different now.)

So where does pride come in? Welcome, Canada, to Americas War On Drugs(tm)!

Yes, it's still going on. And no, it still isn't working, despite frantic laws and charges against Crohns Disease sufferers and cancer patients. There might be a bit more hope if the U.S. Government didn't try to equate pot with heroin or crack cocaine. That is, as is shown in every day lives, an utterly moronic equation that undermines any serious point they might otherwise try to make about actual dangers of drug use.

No, kids, it's not a slippery slope to more dangerous drugs. Trust me on this one: I lived on an island where a third of the residents smoked it at one time or another, and perhaps a fifth do so with some regularity. Those folks who develop an addiction to pot have addiction issues - it's why so many reformed durg users become holy roller born agains: just another drug.

Screeching turn, now! Can't let this little gem go by without comment...

One thing the current president of the United States (that would be Unca Karl) has forbidden anyone to do in public is to admit mistakes, instead apparently choosing to honour them (re: Franks, Tenet, and Bremmer).

But why, oh why would anyone consider sending someone who hates the UN to the UN, where they return the "love"? (See "Bloton Booed" for the show...) But it looks like "Got Milk" is in the game now, with president Bush deciding to continue his astounding run of utterly obnoxious appointments.


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Anonymous public static said...

Minor quibble. $3 million in sales over 5 years.

12:56 am  
Blogger Thursday said...

Really? Hm - Emery claimed $3 million per year, according to Cannabis Culture:

Do you have another source I could use?

Thanks for posting.

6:20 pm  
Blogger Omar Cruz said...

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