August 07, 2005

Other: If You Insist...

There are certain standards a company must maintain if they are to be viable: knowledge of the product or service they provede; keeping good relations with their customers; at least a modicum of marketing ability. Those are fine examples, but they pale when compared with the ability to perform basic accounting.

For instance:

For those not in the accounting know (and who isn't, I ask?) brackets around a number means a negative number. In the case above, for instance, the senders of the letter have noted the first payment was more than was owed by $194.31, so it's in brackets. The next three are billing amounts for services rendered, so no brackets.

Hey! Wake up! This gets better. Promise.

This letter is a FINAL DEMAND for payment, or else the customer will be listed with Dun & Bradstreet, a local legal firm. The amount the business in demanding payment for is ($62.13). To paraphrase, they are demanding the customer receive payment of $62.13, or they'll call the lawyers.

That's right: make us pay you or we'll sue.

Gods, I want to see this in court...
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