September 02, 2005

Other: Bad Craziness

To steal from Gazeteers Friday Night Hunter Thompson theme, starting tonight at the stroke of twelve I'm beginning this years Three Day Novel.

Those who believe, pray for me.


posted by Thursday at 5:13 pm


Blogger Gazetteer said...

How did it go?

10:52 pm  
Blogger Thursday said...

Better than last year: this year, my 'puter had a faulty membory chip this year and kept crashing out on me, but I set it up to save every five minutes. no not a big big deal.

Last year, I lost the first 24 hours because my laptop and main 'puter had compatibility issues... I wrote about a trip to Dante's Inferno in the 48 hours left me. Go with what inspires you, eh?

11:16 am  

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