September 10, 2005

Politics: George's End?

One problem with criticizing president Bush is that it's so samn easy. His white house has been a veritable orgy of nepotism, cronyism, incompetence, and sociopathy. But worse than that, there's a whole lot of competition about, most of it professionals.

So I'm going to have one more little snark about the Hurricane Katrina response (which has involved, astoundingly, all the above) and leave it at that:

How could Bush announce aid to tsunami relief (to the tune of $15 million) so quickly, yet delay before announcing relief for Americans from the Southeast?
Well, what did you expect? The Americans were darker.

So, that'll be enough "beating on hte bush" for now... Until he does his next massive blunder that's too big to ignore.

I figure two weeks, three tops.


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