September 25, 2005

Other: These Belgians are CRAZY!

My french is atrocious.

I know, I know: as hard as it is to believe that an Anglo kid from the West Coast of Canada doesn't speak it fluently, it is true. Even is school, after taking French for the mandatory (at the time) ten years, the highest mark I ever received in any term was 49.5%. The lowest, and much closer to the mean, was 9%.

But I do have good memories associated with the language, even if my aptitude was miserable: Asterix and Obelix. The brilliant, simple drawings were enough to let me follow the story, and knowing the propensity for puns the writers had, you could start to pick up some of the slang terms that people actually used. Knowing a little latin helps, too.

A new comic is being released next month, the 33rd of the series. And here is where I start humming "If I were a rich man..."


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