December 15, 2005

Sex: At Least They Didn't Burn Any Villiages.

As we all should know by now, sex, especially among willing (and enthusiastic) adults is wrong, wrong, wrong. Just ask four members of the Minnesota Vikings footabll team.

From WCCO television in Minnesota:

(WCCO) Minneapolis Note: This story contains graphic descriptions of situations that some may find objectionable.

Hokay, for those already titilated, the "graphic descriptions" consist of the words "oral sex" and "used a sex toy", so settle down already. In any case, the pared-down version is this: two of the Vikings rented a couple of boats for a charter; there were several fans as well, and apparently some professionals of a different variety. All told, there were at least 90 people on the two boats, and as soon as the craft were floating away from dock on Lake Minnetonka, some of the women got changed into something a little more little. One of these women had oral sex performed on her, and a player used a "sex toy" (but WHICH ONE? Inquiring minds want to know!) on two women. A couple others had lap dances where they touched the women. The women, you may note, are not the ones filing the charges: the owners of the charter company are.

For these activities, the players face criminal charges. Despite witnesses saying that there was no shortage of indecent bahaviour on both boats by many of the participants, four of the football players are being singled out and charged. Personal opinion? The fellah who gave a lady head (and received some in return) should be held up as a fine example of a role model for young men to emulate: the best relationships are a matter of give and take. There are certainly wosre things Vikings have done throughout the ages...

The lesson to be learned from all of this? If you're a pro athelete, making a lot of money, buy your own damn boat.
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