January 29, 2006

Motorcycles: Mixed Messages

Definitely good and bad in the weekend for me: on the plus side, I finally got Clover back from the dealer I had theoretically given her to for consignment sale back in November.

Dude, sorry you're in the middle of a divorce, but that's still my bike... Still looking to sell her for our trip to Scotland at the end of April (a knitting retreat, of all things).

On the down side, we can't afford the garage where we've been working on the RDs anymore, and are now going to have several frames, engines, and various and sundry bits about the front yard (again). Four bikes, none of them working damnit!

Up side, I got my sidecar home from Seattle - now to get the Honda on the road! Just as a side note: Washington State has a couple weird features on it's highway that I just don't see up here. One is the advertising for whatever company it is that supplies the centre divider - there was a sign every few kilometres bragging about how their product saved lives: don't really know if they're reaching the market they want with me, but... Another was that the speed limit signs are just a number: 30 or 50 or 70, no mention of what the units themselves are of. I thought they had MPH printed on them somewhere, but apparently not. Lastly, I actually got out of my truck after travelling ten minutes or so to see if I had a flat. The highway wasn't so much a single road as it was a series of tarmac slabs, as if it was built by gigantic Romans.

Down side, I wasn't able to make the Vancouver International Motorcycle Show this year. Pisser, that. Ah, well, apparently the Griso isn't coming to Canada this year anyways, and wouldn't be on display. If I had known I wasn't going tot he one, I would have saved for The Amazing Meeting in Vegas. Next year, then! Well, if I can: the Significant Other is agitating for our tenth anniversary to be in Vegas (where we got married, Elvis and all), so more than one trip a year to the same destination is pushing it.

Good news, I found out that Ontario has made testing mandatory for scooters. Why is this good news? By the simple feature that there are going to be fewer boneheads who think that since they already drive a car, a scooter must be a piece of cake, right? After all, two wheels are fewer than four, so they must be half as hard to control...

So once I get my Griso, I have GOT to get me one of these little babies put on... (let the video load - it's worth it!)


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