April 10, 2007

The New Commies

Storytime once again!

Once upon a time, there was a belief system. It was called "Communism".

This belief system, like others, had certain flaws in it. They were called "humans".

Whenever these "humans" tried using "communism", it wouldn't work anything near what they thought it would. The reason for this was that the ideals of the belief system kept coming into conflict with reality: the humans just wouldn't behave the way the they were predicted to behave!

So some otherwise very smart people tried to come up with a solution for this strange problem of the belief system's failure. It looked so pretty and shiny, that it just HAD to work!

It didn't occur to them that there are other things that shine, too, because they were trying to find a solution for their own troubles.

Soon, they realised just what the problem was with their lovely system. Since the system was so lovely, that couldn't be it; so the difficulty must be with the rest of the world! If only everyone lived by this lovely system of theirs, then all the problems with it would go away, and everyone would be happy and everything would be perfect.

No, really. That's what they came up with.


But there is another group currently hard at work doing much the same thing. They have what they are certain is the single best belief system in the whole wide world ever: the only problem is that not everyone agrees with them. Humans again; go figure.

Oh, and there have been these little problems with reality, too.

But that aside, they've learned from other people's past, and now work in two ways to rectify the problems their belief system keeps running into: the first, of course, is to get everyone in the whole world to live by this lovely system of theirs, so that everyone will be happy and everything will be perfect; the second is to change reality to match their system.

It could be tough, but gosh darn it, they're gonna try!

And why not? The government side is nearly there, what with influence in the White House, 24 Sussex Drive, camps, education, courts, the U.S. Military and mercenary forces, and throughout the media.

As for changing reality, well... how else would you explain this exchange on CNN:

COOPER: Things which have been clearly scientifically disproven, do you still want them taught?

YOEST: Well, absolutely. That would -- that would come in, in a history of science, in a philosophy of science.

If that's not trying to avoid reality, I don't know what is.


posted by Thursday at 6:58 pm


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone hates communism. So I should become a capitalist. But I don't like to get fucked by my boss every day. And I don't want to fuck another person. I wan't democracy in economy too. I don't want to die for work. I want to downsize work. I don't want a class tell me what to do and what do think. So I remain a communist. If you want to hate me, hate me! (us)


1:38 pm  
Blogger Thursday said...

Binary thought is a lie, mate. In life, there are ALWAYS more than two options.

Thanks for the comment.

8:22 pm  

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