January 31, 2008

Finding A Good Use For PayPal

It's been a long time since I bought anything off eBay (though I've enjoyed the MST3K videos tremendously!) and the poker site I go to doesn't take PayPal, so my account there with its grand total of $6 (more or less) sits wasted and waiting like Erick Erickson being promised a blind date.

But I've found somewhere that the piddling little amount I have left can be put to some use: Dave Neiwert's place. It's called Orcinus, and if you haven't been, it is highly recommended you do so. Mr. Neiwert has been tracking racism in America for years, both on his own and being paid to do so, and the fruits of his work are, while a little frightening, also tremendously enlightening.

Give him some love, either with financial support, or just by clicking through a few of his posts. They'll change your mind, and writing doesn't get better than that.


For an added bonus, check out his first week of blogging (it's down on the left, in the red section: 01/05/2003 - 01/12/2003). Interesting to see how his earliest stuff holds up.

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