March 03, 2008

Economics Made Legible

Among the links in the lower right corner (man, that feel good to have DONE) is what I called the Saner CAtO. If you're not familiar with the strange world of the U.S. think-tank called the CATO Institute, don't worry - it's no great loss. Essentially, it's the Fraser Institute (South), meaning they try to influence their respective governments and populations that the only thing a government can do is recreate the best of the robber baron era, since that worked so well for so many people.

You know: no unions, personal militias enforcing regional monopolies, an ignored working class kept in destitution and ignored unless they rioted - then they were beaten and killed. All that good stuff. (This looks familiar...)

Anyhow, two (more) pieces emerged there that are worth looking at: the first talks about British Columbia's budget applying the first carbon tax in North America and what it might actually do; the second is about Canada's latest budget, and what happens when a conservative government realizes that the tax cuts they instituted to grand acclaim can only go so far...

"Where it gets more interesting is once the Ideological Right Wing Government has been in power for a couple of years and has cut taxes on the wealthy so much that they risk running a deficit."



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