February 06, 2008

To: The CPAC

Re: Your Convention

I’m back here with the real Americans, not wearing a tie for the last time all weekend, with my Wal-Mart shoes and my Eli Lilly bloodstream, and the knowledge that I am what America is all about…

The ghost of Raoul Duke is watching you. Thought you'd want to know.


posted by Thursday at 10:18 pm


Blogger Gazetteer said...

There's no Duke like the Duke of Raoul.

Just don't call him 'Uncle'

7:50 pm  
Blogger Thursday said...

'Tis true. He always hated what "that punk" did with Uncle Duke. Can't see why he'd object more than what Bill Murray did to him in Where the Buffalo Roam, though...


4:47 pm  

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