April 10, 2008

Practical Partying in Your Thirties

There is certainly a down side to sexual shenanigans when you reach... a certain age. This is about as accurate a depiction as I've seen, courtesy of Riegel & Blatt.

The other difficulty is being on-line. I don't demand perfection from somebody, but there are certain standards I do expect. Put another way: would you go to a job interview with last night's beer bong in hand? No? Then don't expect a reply for this:

"hello, i guess we have few questions. #1 lol ... have you had any experience with any other couples or single? what are you guys into sexualy? can you travel? do you have any more pics(maybe some hot ones to)?"

You know, just a basic level of coherence would be nice to start with. That, and not sounding like you're actually a 14 year old boy who found his parent's credit card and is now trying to get some free stroke material.


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