July 01, 2008

...And Four Months To Go.

Brad Reed at Alternet has compiled his own list of the Ten Lowest Points of the Bush presidency, and it's a solid list. Having it forwarded by what's NOT on the list is even more impressive, though:

"But for those of you who insist on seeing your least favorite moment get its due, here is list of every honorable mention I could come up with: warrantless wiretapping; Valerie Plame; Scooter Libby's sentence commuted; Bush believes Rafael Palmeiro is innocent; soldiers face neglect at Walter Reed; signing statements; the Kyoto treaty ripped up; loyalty oaths; the fake turkey; a staged teleconference with troops, staged FEMA press conference, extraordinary rendition, support for junk science; endorsement of neo-creationist "intelligent design"; inaction against global warming; record oil prices; record budget deficits; record trade deficits; record number of Americans without health insurance; two recessions; no-bid contracts; bin Laden still at large; the Federal Marriage Amendment; stem cell research vetoed; waterboarding ban vetoed; "Last throes"; "Old Europe"; "It's hard work"; "Bring it on"; "Yo, Blair!"; "I'm the decider"; "I'm the commander guy"; "I'm a war president"; "This is the guy who tried to kill my dad"; "So?"; "Let the Eagle Soar"; John Bolton; Kenny Boy; Harriet Miers; John Roberts; Sam Alito; Blair talks Bush out of bombing al-Jazeera; Cheney shoots some guy in the face; the Military Commissions Act; Jose Padilla arrested and held without charge or access to counsel; endless tax cuts for the rich; let's waste a shitload of money by sending people to Mars and let's hire some Heritage Foundation staffers to rebuild Iraq."

My personal favorite is the moment (for me) that sums up exactly what this administration has been all about: serving the troops.

Just follow the "Fake Turkey" link above to see the full story; but the crux of it is that the turkey is a fraud. There was nothing edible or sustaining in what Bush was giving the troops, yet they proposed to love him for it, and those who knew what he was giving them were kept as far away as possible.

Which reminds me of the astounding stupidity of loyalty oaths that people were forced to sign if they wanted to attend a Repulican convention...

How long does it take to plan an invasion of Iran?


posted by Thursday at 9:51 pm


Anonymous Anonymous said...

the turkey is a fraud.


2:03 pm  
Blogger Thursday said...

- and the flight suit is stuffed!

Thanks for the comment. 8)

7:30 pm  

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