July 01, 2008

Out of Touch

Those elitist few, losing track (or never caring) about what the common man wants; the disconnect between them and the majority being so complete that they cannot fathom what may drive the populace, but can only stand to one side, bewildered by the happy crowds marching past, certain that the hordes are dooming themselves.

Sadly, they shake their heads at the idiocy that surrounds them, passes them, leaves them distantly behind.

But soon they huddle together, the pitiful, abandoned remenants of an archaiac phiolosophy, and convince themselves that they are, in fact, the majority - after all, there's no one else around, is there?

In short, 95% of moviegoers loved WALL-E; a special few didn't.

Oh, sorry; did you think I meant liberals?


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