June 13, 2008

No, YOU Explain It to him...

Dave over at Orcinus has been talking about the Phinias Priesthood fairly recently (okay, okay: two weeks ago) and that got me back to our bible for a quick sniff, which led to the monstrosity you see above. Head on over there and see what he can say far better than I can: racism is a speciality of his, and he's been rooting it out for years.

My first video attempt, and quite possily last. It took way too long for something this simple! Watching it here, I see I shouldn't have put blank bits in - I was using the "pause" button to see what the writing was before it vanished off the screen, and I just wrote the stuff out! Normally, I'd blame the program, but no, I think this was just me.

You could just get the full text of Numbers 25 here from the King James yourself, too.


Update: I suppose I should mention this makes more sense when you can hear it...


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