May 27, 2008

Picture This

You're a small town (pop. 2,400) person, living a small town life. One day, you notice the windows of the biggest employer in town are painted black: no one knows why.

One week later, nearly four hundred people are arrested. Many of those taken away had lived in the town a decade or more.

With timing that was oddly coincidental with an investigation into employee abuses by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union, a processing plant in Postville, Iowa has just had all their undocumented workers arrested. These are the same undocumented workers they were paying two dollars less than minimum wage; the same ones that weren't allowed to use the bathoom during 10-hour shifts; and the same ones management charged "immigrations fees" to, garnishing their already pathetic wages.

The employers don't seem to be facing any charges yet; they could still be coming, but don't provide as good a sound bite and 20-second video as black helecopters agents rolling heavy chains from steel buses.

Any guesses who's trying to put immigration back on the political map? Could it be... the same folks who are lagging so far behind that their opponents could field both their potential candidates, splitting their votes, and still win the next election?

It's quite the little story. Check the comments, too: a few of them are even worth reading.


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