May 22, 2008

About God's Plan...

Now that McCain has finally noticed Pastor Hagee wants the United States to be destroyed in the near future and has denounced him, I suppose it's time to move on to his views on gay marriage as brought up by... Ellen DeGeneres? Well, you take the stories where they lie, I suppose.

In any case, while he opposes (still) the federal banning of gay marriage he still thinks that marriage should only be between one man and one woman. Everything should be legal and all - cohabitating couples should be allowed to get insurance together, for instance - just so long as they don't get married.

What the difference is, he declined to say.

It's clearly not just a matter of the word "marriage": if that were the case, then there would be no reason for him to oppose a federal ban on it. It would just be a word, after all. So what gives?

The only even slightly difficult argument I've seen is the most emotional one: "God says so."

To which I can only reply: Which one, yours? Does this mean Jewish marriages are no longer considered valid? How about Muslim ones? And Shinto ceremonies, are they still to be allowed, or do they get God's Loving Disapproval(tm) as well? How about those ones done by all the hippie freaks who got mail-order ordinations and hitched up their buddies in back yards across the nation? Or maybe you think God got it right with all those other faiths, but only where it regards wedding ceremonies.

Until you demand the government annul all marriages performed by other faiths as being illegitimate, I'm afraid using the dictates of your religion simply isn't going to be a good enough excuse.

UPDATE: It seems that Jesse Ventura agrees with me. Weird.

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