April 29, 2008

Mr. Ezekiel Goes To Washington

Thinking about the number of times a certain U.S. presidential candidate has had to answer questions about a preacher he has a tenuous (at best) connection with, it occurs to me that another U.S. presidential canditate should probably answer a question or two about a preacher he is, quote:

"[...]pleased to have the endorsement of Pastor John Hagee."

Is he pleased to have the support of a man who believes that the only peace that can happen in the Middle East is going to be caused by the Antichrist?

"Israel will unite and peace will prevail when the country accepts the false man of peace who steps out onto the world's stage."

Or who's thelogy is still a little shaky, despite is chosen vocation:

"Do not be confused into thinking that Allah is just another name for the same God."

One that believes that the World Trade Centre attacks because of immigration?

"It happened because the United States has an open door policy."

Or a man who's last book, Jerusalem Countdown, is various permutations of the "Nuke Iran Now!" theme repeated for 255 pages?

Or who thought the 2000 election was a chance for the European Union to present an Antichrist of their own, dscussung the chance of political confusion in America would give the opportunity for a "charismatic and strong leader" to take over the world?

Granted Hagee isn't a Dominionist, trying to turn the United States into a new Eden which follows God's Laws alone, but his ideas for international policy can only be called nightmarish at best:

The favorite passages of Pastor Hagee's is Ezekiel 38-39, involving the antichrist's army attacking Israel. What is hoped for is that life will get worse and worse, with war and strife a constant event, and then (of course) the Tribulation and Rapture.

In God's plan (according to Hagee), when America invades Iran, that country will form an alliance with Russia, who will then attack Israel for no immediately aparent reason. God says "Nuh-uh" and the Russian army is toast in the biggest anti-climax since Fred Thompson was Ronald Reagan.

America itself will be either utterly destroyed (or simply reduced to an afterthought) in this great plan - and I'm thinking that this just might be considered, well, a touch antipartiotic.

Surely, someone in the media would notice if a presidential candidate was consorting with a supposed "man of God" was interested in the destruction of the United States. Unless...


Of course! They actually are Leftist America Haters, who are secretly in cahoots with Pastor Hagee!

So NOW it all makes sense! God does, indeed, work in mysterious ways.

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