April 13, 2008

It's Digby's Baby

A few days after president Bush casually admitted on ABC news to not just knowing about but approving of torture techniques used on prisoners,

"Highly placed sources said CIA directors Tenet and later Porter Goss along with agency lawyers briefed senior advisers, including Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld and Powell, about detainees in CIA custody overseas.

"It kept coming up. CIA wanted us to sign off on each one every time," said one high-ranking official who asked not to be identified. "They'd say, 'We've got so and so. This is the plan.'"

Sources said that at each discussion, all the Principals present approved."

the woman who said it best is one who often does:

"There was a time when the Village clucked and screeched about "defiling the white house" with an extra marital affair or hosting fund raising coffees. I would say this leaves a far greater stain on that institution than any sexual act could ever do. They did this in your name, Americans."

What, you haven't heard about this? Well, welcome to the magic of the Friday Night News Dump!

And could someone please explain why this isn't in the category of "War Crimes"?


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