April 20, 2008

But, That's Crazy Talk!

This is weird.

I'm not a fan of Wally's World; going into StuporStore gives me a headache; I actively mock uniforms (especially ties); and I note with some bemusement and slight aggravation that TraveLouse seems to be buying every hotel in Victoria.

But I love working at RONA.

The hell...?

I've been working in the electrical/lighting section of the store, and get asked all sorts of questions about not only wiring houses but interior design and the differences between light bulbs and what the Kelvin rating of fluorescent lights means. Are CFLs inevitable? Have incandescents really been banned in Ontario, and is that going to happen in B.C., too? What's best for my bathroom, and are there any pot lights I can use in an insulated ceiling? Does the electrical code say anything about running underground lines for sub-panels? Are LEDs the coming thing, do halogens make the best spot lights, and what's going on with solar panels? I've got to know the answers, or how to get them.

And I love it.

Plus when people walk into the store, where I work is usually the first place they go, so I get dragged all over the store to try finding the answers to whatever questions they ask about whatever project they've got on the go. The variety of questions is astounding - there haven't been many repeats yet, and for the most part I've been able to leave them smiling, whether I was able to actually help them or not.

I actually look forward to going in to work.



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