May 12, 2008

You Know Them

In school. At clubs. Even, embarrassingly, in public during daylight hours.


Tough guy, but a real tough guy, not just a loudmouth who hasn't yet learned that size means nothing in a fight; hard. Carries himself with an air of capable volence. Doesn't think about it much, but then, he doesn't have to: he does what needs to be done. Surprises him sometimes how often it "needs to be done". Every problem looks awfully similar...


Beautiful. A confidence that's become arrogance when she knew how to use what she had. Everything - everything - has come easily to her all her life. Accustomed to discarding what she has and snapping her fingers for what she wants. All she's ever learned to hate is rejection, which sends her into a screaming froth. Fucks like it's an endrance test. Looks are all she has, and she has no clue that they are temporary. Beautiful, but good lord not attractive.

The sad news? They have kids.

Little boy:

Constant drone for attention, smacking his mom until she threatens him. Recoils, giggles, and shouts that he'll drop things on the floor. Has things taken away from him, immediately bellows for their return until his dad glares at him. Recoils, then smiles and leans back in cart starting a laughing chant of "I hate you, I hate you, mooom, I hate you, I hate you, mooom" which the parents ignore.

Little girl:

Says nothing. Stays in the corner of the cart where she was placed.


Helping them select lights for their new home for twenty minutes, frantically trying to not pick the girl up and tell her that it will be all right, that life gets far better once you can leave home, that just because they think violence will do for them does not mean it's what works. That she should get the hell out of that family as soon as she can, and never look back except to learn. I can only hope the boy learn how to use the humour defense well enough before he turns psychotic.

My life is not a large one. It's not exciting, or dramatic; neither is it global in scope or sway. But it's fun and it's lively and it's occasionally cheerfully mad. And it's one of the best among the people I've seen, the people I've known, and the people I've met; and it suits me perfectly.

Think I'll keep it.


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