May 31, 2008

How Interesting...

I was going to spend this post talking about the opposition to Bill C-51, a bill proposed to limit the health claims of "suplements" and some of the rather hysterical claims about the same, but it seems that the web site I was referring to ( has stopped functioning.

There are other sites that insist jackbooted government thugs will be kicking in the doors of anyone who plants garlic in their back yard, but StopC51 was a special place: it was a classic example of astroturf, having been started by Ian Stewart, the director of regulatory affairs at Truehope - a supplement company that claims multivitamins can eliminate mental disease. Specifically, their multivitamins can cure mental disease.

No mention of links between vitamin e and cancer, though. Or the 67 studies of 230,000 people showing the uselessness of taking "precautionary vitamins" to ward off disease. I used to do this (one multivitamin a day) for a couple years, but that's just not in my plans any more. Frankly, I didn't notice any diference when started and haven't noticed any difference since I quit.

I think I'll leave it to Michael Pollan:

"Don't eat anything your grandparents wouldn't recognise as food."

And that seems to be workingfor me.


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