June 06, 2008

Primaries Finally End...

... But Circles don't!

This week's Skeptics' Circle is hosted over at Jyunri Kankei, and it's a nice, round dozen... as long as you don't consider Podblack contributing twice as two.

Ah, she's just a troublemaker, anyways. Which pretty much explains her inclusion with our mangy lot.

Go. Enjoy.


Update: Podblack is trying to weasel out of her "troublemaker" designation by shifting the blame to Translucent Science, but I will not be fooled!


posted by Thursday at 11:17 pm


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually, all I did was point out a site that was a joint project of about five bloggers, as a 'P.S' on my entry. The bloggers who contribute to Translucent Science are found on:

Bad Science
Gimpy's Blog
Holford Watch

So - if anything, it's hardly a solo-affair 'double-dip'. Each one of us has contributed to the Skeptic's Circle in the past. Bad Science is very well-known outside the 'Circle', for example.

In the past, people have touted other ventures (as I recall, The TANK Vodcast, which is also written by several skeptics, has put in entries as well as featured blogs by solo authors associated with it). There are also a few multi-authored blogs on Science Blogs. Should they also tout multiple entries for their multiple authors?

At any rate, I was rather surprised and gratified to note that they were willing to mention Translucent Science.

And, gosh, now I've mentioned the project again... www.translucentscience.com. Enjoy what we write, it's all for the promotion of good science in the media after all.


3:37 am  
Blogger Thursday said...

Feh! You are trying to deny me my freakish and unwavering misogyny! Or maybe it's pure hatred of Australians... Dang it, I know it's one of those. Anyways:

It's your fault, I tell you!

I knew you were trouble, and here's the proof - mentioning Translucent Science (at http://translucentscience.com/) and hoping it would go unnoticed! But I'm on to your clever scheme...

Thanks for the comment.

7:28 pm  

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