September 07, 2008

And About Time, Too!

Ah, lovely!

PMPlastic Man has finally called the election that he's been campaigning for for twenty months. One day one (that would be today) and probably for the next several weeks he's going to predict that those horrible Other People will say just, golly, awful things about him and won't that be a shame. They must be desperate, or why would they be so nasty and personal...

And he will say this without blushing. Likely because he hasn't been programmed to, but he'll still be shameless about it.

I keep saying "he" instead of Team Blue because it's not exactly the Conservative Party of Canada that's in charge just now so much as it is the Stephen Harper Party of Shut Up Until I Say So. There are very strict controls about who can meet whom for what enforced by the PM's office. No public speeches, no press scrums, and no conferences without first being vetted by the communications office well before hand. This keeps the sound bites identical no matter what region or department the representative is from.

It's bland, dull, and treats people like they're idiots: the perfect Stephen Harper style.

But don't think for a second that he's not a very smart man himself: the Chessmaster 7000 has nothing on this guy. And one of the things he knows is that the marriage of the old Conservative Party and the upstart Reform/Alliance/Westerners-Need-Love-Too Party was one that involved a 12-gauge and a hurry; and if he doesn't stand on top of those two factions and lock down any and all regional fetishes, then it's Hello, Perpetual Party taking over once again.

One false move, and it's Holy Rollers from the West up against the Bay Street Bookkeepers in the East; with The Shrug coming up the middle.

And really: no one needs that.


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