October 05, 2008


Interestingly, the Conservatives' latest meme is: "If you move, you die."

Or perhaps you have a different interpretation.

In his most recent set of speeches and commercials, he's really pushing the fact that our economy is reasonably stable; especially the banking system. This, he says, is because Team Blue has been fiscally responsible for the two years they've been campaigning in charge.

Ignore the Perpetual Party behind the curtain... for fourteen years. That would be the group who eliminated the $42 billion deficit and ran continuous surpluses.

Ignore the restrictions the Canadian government placed on banks decades ago, lessening the risk of economic meltdown; restrictions the Conservatives have long wanted removed.

Ignore that the Reform Party made putting a portion of the Canada Pension Plan into the stock market a part of their party platform.

Ignore that deregulation and a lack of inspectors helped lead to the recent listeriosis outbreak, and that deregulation and self-policing industries are a particular Conservative fetish.

Ignore that Plastic Man would have leaped into Bush's Great Adventure in Iraq if he had been in power in 2003.

No, ignore all that. No, what you should be paying attention to is that everything is perfect Right Now, and if you dare vote for anyone else, then everything will go horribly, horribly wrong. No, really! Instead, you should listen when he says:

"This country is gonna come through this period in a lot better shape than it's ever been before."

Which means absolutely nothing, of course; but in the best possible way. And in an election, isn't that what really counts?


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