September 25, 2008

When in Doubt...


So McCain has decided to "suspend" his campaign for President so he can sit in Senate and... do what, exactly? Wrestle debt to the ground bare handed?

Note to John: You're in the middle of running for PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. There is no better position to effect laws and regulations in the banking industry in America.

Or am I missing something here? Let me think...

Did someone tell you to stop spending money so you can bring this up later in the campaign, pointing out how much Obama spent while "normal people were starving to death"? Could it be that simple?

Nah, couldn't be such a cynical, crassly political ploy from the Straight Talk Express. Must be something else.

It could be to stay out of the spotlight so the Shooting Star gets all the screen time, keeping your mug off the television, I suppose. But then, I can't imagine that would be too good an idea, given what happens when she speaks...

Surely it couldn't be that you don't want anyone to remember the last time you were involved in banking bail-outs...

Well, I can't figure it out. Good luck, senator; and may the might you wield in the senate turn the country's fortunes around!


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