December 07, 2008

"Daddy, What's a Pusher?"

"It's a kind of pollster, son..."

What do you get when you have a reckless warrior,

a three-headed monster,

and a member of the arts?

Brave Sir Robin, of course!

But the same day Plastic Man did run away, a poll was released that showed we shared the overwhelming terror he felt:

What Canadians are witnessing has shaken them pretty much to the core: almost three quarters (72%) of Canadians indicate that they are truly scared for the future of the country with what is going on in Ottawa[...]

What didn't get mentioned in the story is exactly what question was asked:

The findings were in response to a question about whether Harper should remain in government "because of the severe economic situation the country faces and the fact the Liberals and NDP have entered into an 'unholy' deal with the Bloc separatists."

You know, you can really tell the quality of a poll question by the number of times 'unholy' appears in it. This poll was about as honest as Daddy's answer.


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