September 03, 2010


*What Would an Associate Chief Justice Do?

Well, in this case, she'd get chained up and on her hands and knees blowing her husband while a black guy plows her from behind.

Allow me to put a reminder out there for all those folks who are cool with a bit of photographic exhibitionism: once and internet porn star, always an internet porn star.

Personally, of course, I couldn't give a rip what she and her husband (and whatever other consenting adults who happen to be around) do sexually, other than to wish them good luck and hope they have fun. Let's face it, I'd rather the judge deciding my case be someone who is getting laid often and well than one who is frustrated and bitter. Wouldn't you?

The more interesting aspect of this situation is the apparent justification for doubts about Justice Lori Douglas' credibility, according to the University of Ottawa's dean of civil law Sebastian Grammond:

Grammond doubts that Douglas would have been appointed a judge if she had disclosed the fact that there were nude photographs of her on the internet in her application.

There is a question in the application that asks, "Is there anything in your past or present which could reflect negatively on yourself or the judiciary and which should be disclosed?"

"I think the facts are sufficiently suspect to warrant disclosure and to raise very important questions as to whether such a person should have been appointed a judge," Grammond said.

It's not that she is apparently into kink - specifically playing the submissive to a black man/men - but that people might know about it. Welcome to the brilliance that is Don't Ask, Don't Tell.

It's a double standard at the most basic point: if you're okay with someone playing Cops and Robbers in the bedroom, then why is it a bad thing when people find out about it?

What her husband did, pressing unwanted advances on someone who was also a client of his law firm, was certainly wrong. I've been hit on by women, men, and couples, and fortunately whenever I've said "no, thanks" they listened. They were polite and left the offer where it was and that was that. I've never had someone who was in a position of power over me make an advance, and I hope never to. Of course, it's not something I'm likely to have to worry about now that I'm hitting 40, but still!

So Justice Douglas' husband (lawyer Jack King) should be reprimanded, investigated, and, if deemed suitable, charges against him should be laid.

But it's interesting to see who the story leads off with, isn't it?

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