August 04, 2010


So it looks like the rather silly Proposition 8 (the vote to ban gay marriage) got struck down by a federal judge in San Francisco today as being flatly unconstitutional. Which can't be that much of a surprise to those folks who thought about having a majority voting on minority rights.

While that could probably be filed under the category "No Shit", you do have to be a little concerned for the opposition. After all, what started as certainty that "God would make things right" in their battle against people getting hitched by (for instance) shooting a meteor at Orlando has devolved into complaining that they can't get anyone to appear in court for fear of "retaliation".

That they had no evidence and incompetent witnesses had NOTHING to do with it, I'm sure. Just ask Peter Barber Gallagher-Sprigg!

No it's all about fear of "retaliation", despite the people who have appeared as witness for them not being retaliated against. These are well known people, directly opposing rights for millions of Americans - and the retaliation is... where?

The reaction from the National Organization for Marriage (NOM NOM NOM!) president Brian Brown managed to spit this out:

"Never in the history of America has a federal judge ruled that there is a federal constitutional right to same sex marriage. The reason for this is simple – there isn’t!"

...without bothering to mention that the reason why no federal judge has said such a thing is because the only federal legislation is the Defence of Marriage Act, brought in in 1996. Federal governments have been terrified of touching marriage before or since, and have been leaving it up to the the states to decide for themselves. Hence gay marriage in Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Iowa (!) without the feds saying boo about it. Varied rights have been given in a slew of other states, too: Colorado, Hawaii, Washington, Rhode Island, Maryland, Nevada, Oregon (!), New Jersey, and Wisconsin.

California and Maine both have given some rights to gay unions, but both states have also had popular referendums overturning a previous legislative decision to grant full marriage.

Which is why the feds aren't going to get involved this time, either. And left in the hands of the courts, the decision is startlingly obvious: it's going to become legal. I'm sorry, but when the best witnesses in your favour $35 million can buy cites "preventing states from falling into Satan's hands", you're going to lose the argument.

It really couldn't come as a surprise, though: the lack of self-awareness comes right from the top. Maggie Gallagher, the chairman for the National Organization for Marriage:

"Gay activists treat Americans who disagree with them about same-sex marriage like bigots. They want to use the law to suppress and marginalize and stigmatize."

(Bigot: a person who holds blindly and intolerantly to a particular creed, opinion, etc. Webster's New World Dictionary)

NOM is using their influence to ensure a large portion of society is suppressed, marginalized, and stigmatized in a very specific way; we can clearly see what they are trying to do.

But Maggie and her ilk never do quite get around to what those in favour of gay marriage are going to do to those who are opposed to it. How exactly are the members of NOM going to suffer if gay marriage is legalized?

Other than eventually have to look for real jobs, that is.

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