May 25, 2010

Just to Clarify...

...So I know what the Sam Hill the Idiot Imams* are thinking about: when you get the stupider of your followers all riled up about what goes on in other countries, what purpose does it serve?

I'm having flashbacks to the 80's and 90's, when women in Afghanistan and Pakistan and elsewhere in more conservative parts of the Middle East would speak out in town meetings about human rights, some jackasses seeded into the audience would jump up and start chanting "Death to America" over and over until the meeting ended. In this way, anyone who wanted to change or even to question women's rights would be effectively silenced with a distracting blast of otherwise purposeless anger.

So if you could answer a few simple questions for me about the whole "Draw Mohammed" thing, that'd be great:

1) Would Mohammed appear in a photograph? Not "would he willingly appear in one", but would his image physically be transferable to either physical or digital media?
2) What does he look like? If I painted a scene of an Arabic man in the 7th century leading soldiers into battle or preaching from his tent, would you assume it was the prophet? What if I called the painting "Bob on a Horse" or "Bob in a tent"?
3) Is there any way to tell if someone walking around right now looks exactly like the prophet did? Could there be a living twin of Mohammed in the world today who is being inadvertently captured on film, and if so is this against the will of God?

This isn't even getting into why your God can tell me what to do. I eat pork products (and lots of them!), happily drink alcohol, and own a dog I love very much. All of these things are haram - expressly forbidden. Lots of other folks around the world do that, too. What are you planning to do about them?

*These are a specific few who rile up ignorant mobs more frequently than the most devoted Tea Party Performers, much like the Westboro Church mob are not so much Christians as they are Conservative Christian Fuckos.


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Blogger teal said...

hey found your blog using the 'next blog' at the top...

in reply to the Muhammad Question...those folks are extreamist to the max....but pushing forward on the idea that Islam/Muslims do not believe in photos, as they believe a part of the soul is captured in those photos/pictures...but so much for a drawing, as it may have more to do with the intent of the picture (or the joke/caption of the photo/picture) rather than the actual physical image repersenting Muhammad.

As for the dog...well as I understand: dogs are OK...but not allowed inside of the home. Having a watch dog for example is hallah?OK.

the PORK thing: Its permissiable if the Muslim can not afford to buy are to the extream on this as well...

thanks! nice writing too

7:59 pm  
Blogger teal said...

dang, I forgot to add the God thing:

In the middle east (Christians. Muslims and Jews) allah is the word applied to the knowingness of the spirit reconized as GOD....

It's not His name...kinda like this:
al = the
laah = god
TOTALS = the one God, not that 'they' worship a nother or different God, rather they credit thatthere is but whichever name he is known.

Another big difference is that YES, Islam does not reconize Jesus as the Son of God, as most men of the Bible and other scripture were called Sons of God....The do however believe that Jesus will return in the physical form....

I'm not Muslim, I read alot and have a whole bunch of diverse friendships (on purpose)So Imma gonna FOLLOW you because I did your point of view as a whole....just wanted to share (as you reconize) there are extream folk all over the world...which is why the non-extreamist have to step- up...

Oh yeah, just in case you noticed: I can not spell worth sh! overlook that in favor of content....THANKS

8:10 pm  
Blogger Thursday said...

Heh - for the information, I can forgive a bit of misspelling! 8)

As for the dogs, according to Hadith, anything other than a hunting dog or shepherd has to be paid for from any reward he would receive for his "good actions". Likewise, the Hadith does go on and on about how unclean dogs are, and how they are NOT to be kept as pets, and how no Angel will enter a house with a dog inside, so they don't bring any blessings with them.

But then, according to Bukhari, Angels will also stay out of any house that has a picture of any living creature (human or animal).

Granted, neither of these books are the Koran, but they hold a whole lot of influence. The forbidding of images depicting any creatures changed Arabic art for hundreds of years. That's also the basis for images of creatures being disallowed.

One ruling by Shiekh Abd al-Wahhab al-Turayri (take THAT, spell check!) states that any image of any creature drawn by hand is forbidden as it makes the creator imitate an act only allowed by god. Statues, as you might imagine, are right out. The same professor ruled that photographs were exempt because it was capturing a reflection rather than creating an image. Which is a little silly because taking (and developing and printing and showing) pictures is a deliberate act.

The whole pork thing is similar with the Jews: you're allowed to eat it if it will preserve your life. But you'll have to make up for it later!

You know, I think I'll just stick to atheism.

11:21 pm  

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