May 08, 2010

To Air is Human...

...That's gotta be taken already, right?

So a strange side effect of doing a bit of publicity for the amateur play I'm in: being a radio host. Apparently the local station has a dearth of volunteers, so when I went in to talk about the play I was asked if I wanted to come back on Monday "for a couple of hours" every week.

Well, why not? My brother was a DJ at a private (and, as it ends up, illegal) radio station on Salt Spring Island called TNFM a couple decades ago, and that sounded like fun! Of course, far more beer was involved at the time; I believe their slogan was "Beer Powered Radio!"

Where I'm going is CICV, which is either a radio station or the number or a savage misuse of Roman Numerals.

If you're bored or miss those Lake Woebegone days, the station can be streamed right over here. It's a wildly eclectic bunch of programming, just like you'd expect from a small town volunteer radio station, ranging from conspiracy theorists talking chemtrails and global warming being a hoax to suggestions on which wine with what meals to late night psychedelica. Jazz, country, big band, classical, rock, pop, classic radio plays... Whatever people bring with them, really.

Not sure what I'm going to do with it, but the space is there: I'm thinking just music and bits of science trivia from around the world and whatever's happening in town. We'll just have to see what comes out - should be interesting. For me, at least. You? You're on your own.

I'm on Monday mornings, either at eight or nine o'clock. Not sure about that yet, either!


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