March 19, 2010

Sometimes, It's Hard to Argue

Talking to a co-actor on the weekend, and he was bemoaning the "fact" that Canada wasn't a capitalist society.

"Um, actually we are," I said, thinking about working for money, owning a small business, families inheriting from one generation to the next.

"Not even CLOSE!" came the reply, muttering something about high taxes.

**Here's your "End of Capitalism"! You know you want this to happen!**

Now, there's a lot of things to think about before responding:

1) I'm going to be on stage with this guy, and he's never acted before, so he's already nervous enough without going on tilt;
2) he's been on Unemployment for several months;
3) he's in a government program teaching him how to start his own business;
4) did I mention he's starting his own business?
5) he's got kids, meaning he gets free schooling and medical care for them from my taxes, plus he's getting a tax rebate and child credit for them.

So, how to respond? Alas, in person the first point takes precedent over whatever argument I might have in rebuttal. I like the internet that way: here, you can be who you actually are.

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