January 10, 2009

Criminals Are Idiots, Proof #1,253,465

Home after 28 hours of travel, to find the window of our truck smashed in. Total of what was stolen:

Home made CDs. Resale value: $0
Ferry pass to smaller islands. Resale value: $0, unless you live on said islands, and don't mind getting busted for using stolen merchandise.
Face plate to stereo, but not the stereo itself. Resale value: $0
Two pens. Resale value: not sure. A dime each, maybe?

And that's about it. Awfully pathetic, really. The snow chains got left behind; as were the jumper cables, my rubber boots and some Canadian Tire money in the ashtray. Hell, even the registration was still there, so the big time potential for identity theft was completely ignored! Who the heck is training these amateurs?

Look, free advice: if people have left their vehicles in the Long Term Parking lot, it means they expect to be gone a Long Time. See how that works? This means there isn't going to be anything of value left behind: those people are probably planning on using their cash, cards and cheques while they're on vacation, yes?

No, don't bother trying to think about it: the answer's "yes".



posted by Thursday at 6:03 pm


Blogger jl said...

what a shitty welcome home....

looks like you encountered the underachievers of the criminal element...."special needs" thieves?


8:59 pm  
Anonymous Sigrid said...

a thief once broke into my friends car, they stole some loose change and then pooped on the drivers seat.

Maybe they just do it for fun.
Who knows

9:54 pm  
Blogger Thursday said...

jl -

I like the term! Have to keep that one in mind.

Sigrid -

I suppose I should be glad that the twit in question only took things away, then.

11:20 pm  

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