March 15, 2010

If I Were in Movies...

...I'd be so dead by now.

Things I've found following strange noises in the woods:

1) A tiny waterfall I didn't know was there;

2) an otter;

3) a bee's nest in a fallen log;

4) a beaver;

5) a bear;

6) a branch that fell seconds ago, with the bushes it hit still moving;

7) a bwoodpecker;

8) an owl getting harassed by dozens of crows (twice);

9) a young couple smoking dope and making out (smile, wave, move on);

10) spiders engaged in a mating ritual. No, they weren't making noise, but I'm easily distracted when I'm outdoors.

When I say there's nothing in life that isn't interesting, I mean it. I absolutely love living in a temperate rainforest in a small town. There's stuff I don't have the opportunity for that I would in a city, but so be it: the Significant Other would hate city life, so here we are. And a darned fine here it is.


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