January 14, 2009

The Pause That Refreshes

So in addition to having our truck broken into, it seems our washing machine died while we were gone. Well, we were planning on getting a stacking set whenever we got around to rebuilding the house anyway, so...

Spent a couple hours today installing said set, only to find the dryer cord not long enough to reach the outlet, and having to replace the vent pipe, and needing some more plumbing for the new washer, and and and.

On the plus side, I did get a comment left at a long-ago post about Kirk Cameron's "banana" incident that starts thusly:

"Great to see! A bunch of evolutionist sheep."

Some days, I get sweetly rewarded.


posted by Thursday at 5:29 pm


Blogger jl said...

laughter is a wonderful way to begin a day, even if it's at the absurdity of the foundations of an arguement (justin's)...i'm fighting the urge to check out his site...(it's the same urge that makes me want to look at a car crash as i drive by...)

and finally! someone has the courage to talk openly about the almighty pickle of the oceans... :)

ah, i must go to pay homage...


7:34 am  
Blogger Thursday said...

I may be a Pastafarian now, though. That post WAS three years old, after all...

8:58 pm  

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