March 21, 2010

Out and In

Evidently, employers don't care for it much when you point out they're being bone-headed. Who knew?

So I've been fired from my latest job (again) for the usual reason: insubordination (again). I seem to have made a habit of behaving "inappropriately" (ie. showing an apparent lack of respect) to my superiors, looking over my employment record. Funny how I never get fired by my co-workers or through customer complaint, but so it goes.

I guess I should be more afraid of being poor, but I'm just not. Unfortunate personality trait, or just finding the wrong employers? Tough for me to tell, really. I've quit as many jobs as I've been fired from at this point, so I'm thinking self employment may be my only option. We don't quite have the money to open a locksmithing shop, so let's see what's up next. I'm looking to get on with the library here as a casual, so there's hope for me yet.


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