May 04, 2010

Ministerial Awareness 101

Women are complaining about cuts to eleven support groups over the last two weeks. The timing of the leak is such that it happened the day after Conservative Senator Nancy Ruth told told a gathering of women's groups to "Shut the fuck up" about abortion, or else.

"If you push it, there will be more backlash," Ruth said. "This is now a political football. This is not about women's health in this country."

Ruth's statement was apparently to try to stop women from talking about the Conservative policy of not supporting any health organizations internationally if they include abortion in the services thy provide. Giving her the benefit of the doubt, it could be that Senator Ruth fears too much trouble over the policy could have repercussions in domestic policy.

Or it could simply be the senator telling the truth about women's roles in the Conservative Party: Sit down and shut up; or else we WILL pay attention to you, and then you'll be sorry!

Or it could be that the Conservatives have no clue about what abortion means to the actual health of women, in this country or any others.

Just ask Transport Minister John Baird:

But Baird replied that the Liberals were trying to start a "culture war" by opening the divisive abortion issue. "Canadians don't want to drag the abortion debate in the maternal health discussion," he said. "This government is focused on how to make a positive difference in the lives of mothers and newborn children in the developing world."

Um. Tell you what, John: next time a question about transportation comes up, you can speak. But when it comes to women's health...?

Have a seat.


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