July 14, 2010

To the East, to the West...

Just got a note reminding me that the tickets for the 20th "First Annual Ig Nobel Awards" are going on sale August 1st. The Significant Other and I are going to get tickets ASAP, then off we go to New England for the end of September.

Apparently, there's a lot more to do in Boston - in a major university-laden city? Really? - so we're going for a week or so. Maybe as much as 10 days, but we'll have to see what we can afford. The S.O., bring a Boston Bruins fan, is pitching for a pre-season game against Washington before they bugger off to Europe to open the NHL season. Twist my rubber arm!

Alas, after seeing the doctor, it appears my knee is healing right on schedule, which means I won't be able to get my stride back up for a couple more weeks. And I was so hoping for superhuman healing abilities! Ah, well. I'll just have to train up my endurance in way other than walking until then.

I'd love to have a tour guide or two for one/some of those days. Who knows someone in Boston with a handy day off or two?


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