May 28, 2010

No, Honest!

Picture this:

A husband and wife are wheeled into the emergency entrance of the local hospital late one night; she on the gurney, he in a wheelchair. His knuckles are bruised and cut, and she's got two lack eyes and facial lacerations.

Wait! It's not like that, and I've got the destroyed truck to prove it!

Missed the deer standing in the fast lane on the highway (so we were moving between 90 and 100 km/h) but somehow couldn't avoid the sapling-covered embankment. Spent the last 16 hours or so picking "popcorned" glass out of my hair and limping while getting the truck towed where I want it, picking the dog up, and fielding questions from various and sundry family members. Joy!

But now we are home, the Significant Other has been asleep since 11:00, and I'm about to join her. After a couple painkillers and a touch of food/drink to avoid waking up ravenous and screaming whenever I lift my leg (cracked patella).

Well, at least I'll have something to talk about on the radio Monday!


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