July 20, 2010

Playing Catch-Up

Oh, damn.

Still waiting for the broken kneecap to heal, and for a very, very good reason: I'm now on the last hole in my belt. This is NOT a good thing.

All my exercise was walking the dog, but my walking has been limited to about 20 minutes at a time at most, and more frequently 10 or 15 minutes. Though a friend of mine advised me not to worry too much about it, as the legendary line goes: "The bigger the cushion, the better the pushin'!"

Unfortunately, the bigger the waist line, the longer the down time, too. The very best reason to lose weight and stay in shape is so you don't end up being winded after foreplay. Why would you want to limit not only what you can do, but how long you can do it for?

In the mean time, I've been spending way too long on the internet, and ended up in an argument about gay rights and whether and why they should be granted. After a few days of little back and forth messaged on a YouTube video (500 characters is really tough to get your point through in), it seems to have boiled down to this (after it was pointed out that there is nothing, and I mean nothing that homosexuals can do that hetros aren't happily doing right this minute):

"Society will never accept gays having full rights because of Gay Pride parades!"

That's paraphrased a little, of course, but that was the message in essence. Which I've certainly heard before, and know it to be a fairly common excuse for withholding rights to minorities. The self-same people will protest that they don't have any problem with gay people, but "why do they have to flaunt their 'otherness' out in the open like that?" The other variant of this excuse is "Why do they bother with that stupid lisp, and that prissy, faggy behaviour? It's all such a stupid act and I hate it! If they didn't behave that way, I'd be fine with them!"

Well, there are reasons.

First off, about the stereotypical "fag" behaviour: why shouldn't some people act like that? Is it seriously any worse than, say, the idiots on Jersey Shore? Or goofy little wiggers? Not really, no. Sorry, but if I had to choose someone to be sterile, it wouldn't be the folks for whom not having kids comes naturally.

It'd be this guy.

But that "fag" behaviour is what those who behave that way are comfortable with. Call it an act if you want to, but it is no more an act than anyone else's behaviour in public. Saying you have nothing against someone, then demanding that they change because you don't want to see them is, well, a bit stupid. Don't you think?

But why the parades? More to the point, why are Gay Pride parades so frequently overtly sexual? Simply put, sexuality is what is used to separate and ostracize a minority, so that is exactly what is being put forward in these parades. That's what the Black Cat Tavern riot was about, and why raids on clubs happen (even in 2010, if you can believe it). Hell, Gay Pride parades came directly from the Stonewall riots (Christopher Street Liberation Day ended up catching on), so it would be simply amazing if there wasn't a sexual element to an event that celebrates a liberation of sexuality.

Still, tell you what: I'll accept that you hate Gay Pride Parades for their displays only if you agree to protest against Hallowe'en and the Folsom Street Fair.


P.S. Oh, yeah... Don't open either of those last two links if you're at A) work or B) your mom's house. Unless she attends the Folsom Street Fair, then I leave it up to you.


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