October 21, 2012

See? Nightmares CAN Come True!

I first learned locksmithing from my stepdad when he needed someone to sit in the store when he was doing other jobs, and couldn't afford anyone else.  I got a grand sum of $100 a month for around 60 hours work.  Eh, it was interesting, so that was fine by me.  Plus, how else was I going to find out we were tied when it came to cribbage (seventy-two games, finishing our series at 38 apiece, including skunks)?

That was a little more than 20 years ago, now; but I still remember one clear fear dominating my time, and I thought of it as soon as I saw a pin kit for the first time.

In short: don't drop your pin kit.  Don't lift it when it's not latched.  And never, EVER buy pins that aren't colour coded.

Still, nice to have my fears confirmed.


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