November 18, 2012

One of His Best Friends is Black!

You've probably heard the head of Maine GOP was thinking voter fraud had happened because he "saw a bunch of black people voting" and no one he knew had any idea where they lived.

No, seriously.

So as part of his plan to get to the bottom of what was clearly a conspiracy by the Democrats to bus in African-Americans to vote in a state they were guaranteed to win, Charlie Webster is going to mail "Thank You for Voting" cards to the supposedly-black households to see in anyone mails them back.  If no one does, then BOOM!  Proof of voter fraud!  Or something.

I figure the second half of the plan is to then go to the houses with a few guys (but not the black one he plays basketball with) in their pickup trucks and knock on each door, yelling out "You got any Negroes in there?"

Can't see how that plan could possibly go wrong.


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