December 26, 2012

Nice Whirlwind!

Good luck reapin' that!
The magazine The National Review has once again gone out to sea, expecting victory and instead having to wade through the wreckage of "their guys'" election loss.  It's a good reminder that the people who were banking so strongly on Romney were so certain because they were afraid not to be: one even mentions how "terrified" she is about her future, as another asks the vital question: "What do we do with our money?
It reads to me like Frankenstein and his monster: the people giving the speeches and hosting the tables are supposedly the leading lights of conservative thought, which is frightening enough when you see the playlist.  They have all contributed to the bubble their Republican readers are sitting in, or they are young enough to have always grown up with the self-destructive success Reagan’s “Southern Strategy” ringing in their ears. Now, as they are trying to tell their followers the reality if the situation, the monster refuses to listen.
A clever few – and that’s very few – have actually started coming around to just how insane the mob mentality they have created really is. Some recognized it at the dawn of the Tea Party “rallies” and tried laughing it off, but these others finally coming face-to-face with the determined sense of unreality they’ve fostered instead of leaving it at the end of an internet connection or invisible ears on the radio… 
Are they, too finally seeing the results of decades-long “Me-First/Me-Only” politics?
You’d hope so: in a two party system, it’s best if one of those parties isn’t utterly insane.


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