February 11, 2014

Well, That's Scary

So after (literally) months of back-and-forth with the game service Steam, we have finally figured out how to play Bioshock: Infinite on my 'puter.

It's been a frustrating amount of time, though certainly not something I was working solidly on: we'd exchange letters over a few days, then I'd get busy on life, then a couple weeks later realize I spent a fair chunk of money on a few games I couldn't play for some undiagnosed reason, so I'd re-open the file and we'd try again, get the same unsatisfying results, etc.

Long story short, there was an issue with forcing the program to accept that I was the administrator that got fixed by opening files and inserting a couple lines of code.  I'm not sure how I wasn't  the administrator, as nobody else uses my computer, but there it is.

But I could play!  And a delightful game it is, with possibly my favourite part being the unintentional repetition by some opponents of the Affordable Care Act (AKA "Obamacare") showing up in Jeramiah Fink's propaganda.  You know, those people who are saying that basic health care will cause poor people to quit their jobs and laze about in front of their televisions eating bon-bons, what with idle hands being the Devil's work and all.  That's because those folks are entitled idiots who have no fucking clue what poverty actually is.

(Er, spoilers all over that video, naturally; so don't watch if you haven't played yet.)

But beside that, the big draw is (once again) story.  The gameplay is okay, if occasionally frustrating, but the I'm loving the plot as much as in the first two games.

Alas, it also meant I ended up playing nearly twelve hours in my opening stretch.  There was a break in there to walk the dogs and to (reluctantly) eat dinner, but other than those, yeah...  It's a bit addictive.  Again.

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