June 21, 2007

What It's All About

The Significant Other and I wandered off to a small kink party on the weekend - quite small, as the group throwing it only has 100-110 members or so. We didn't go expecting to play, as it was the first time with these folks, but there were some lovely people there that we spoke to. We talked about (among other things) people who feel they have to hide their kinkiness away from the rest of their lives.

It's perfectly understandable, and frankly not all that damaging. Not like, say, being a closeted homosexual working for people who want gays removed fromt he face of the Earth. Kink is only slightly hidden from view, and can be as safe or as dangerous as you care to make it (hello, motorcycling!). I don't have any real need to hide my own proclivities, what with no kids, no live-in parents, and no family members running for political office, so we do on occasion get asked "what's it like?"

Well, the SO and I aren't so much into S&M, as B&D. But one person who is into the sado-machocsim side of things (professionally, yet) has a short video up (less than 10 seconds) that pretty much sums up the entire experience nicely.

Earphones in, and not-repeat-NOT work friendly.


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